Yokai Taiji is an adventure game, in which you will take the place of the last Yokai hunter in Japan, he lived with his grandmother who passed him the knowledge about what they are, how they manifest themselves and how to seal the Yokai . The Yokai are creatures of different shapes and sizes but with greater power than humans, due to this they tend to act arrogantly towards humans.

When one day an evil Yokai appeared to take her, now it is up to you to rescue her and purge your house of the Yokai.

Yokai Taiji has interaction mechanics with the different elements on the map that you will have to use to continue your way and in turn you will have to find seals to seal the Yokai. But it won't be easy since each Yokai is unique and has different mechanics.
You can also go through levels with different looks and themes, all set in Japan.

Categories: Adventure
Release Date: Jun 30, 2021

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