Follow Arthur as he flips between worlds, shortly to reveal the he isn’t dreaming the other one up. As you embrace the fantasy world called Triuna, Arthur will soon understand that he has a purpose for this world, to defend it from a power hungry evil tyrant by uniting a band of heroes much like himself. There are two lives of his own you must direct, two worlds apart. Whilst keeping his school, social and family life in check, dealing with his abhorrent bullies at school. He must fight death inducing monsters and discover a new world seeking those heroes for unity. You are Arthur in this RPG, helping him grow on two different fronts, keeping him stable in the ‘real’ world and make decisions for him to thrive. Whereas the other you must survive, unite the seven, save the world from the evil tyrant.

What we want to offer you
We are hoping to offer a straight forward story telling game of a young individual who comes across problems and challenges through his adventure. The aim is to have an easy-flowing game that is easy to follow and to pick up and play.

Still in development
The game story line is still being built by a small independent group, who work on the project outside of their careers.
Product pace may vary and there is currently not a final finish date.

Categories: Action, Adventure, RPG, Casual, Indie
Release Date: TBD
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