In a locked village, where people have lived and worked in the fields for generations, knowing no other life, a boy is born who cannot work in the field in any way, he is too weak. Unable to play with other children or work, the boy finds amusement in exploring the world around him. And it would not have any results, but a doctor comes to the village, who even knows how to read and write. The boy finds a teacher and a friend in him. But one day the doctor disappears. And so they, villagers, would have forgotten about him, if not for the illness of one of the residents. The boy is asked to help, because he is the only one who can read and understand the doctor's notes in order to cure a person.

This is a short detective story where your main strength is reading. By examining the healer's notes, talking to the villagers and creating potions, you must heal the sick person. Here you will not be able to just follow the markers and press "E", you have to make decisions and analyze the information yourself. Your knowledge, your observation, your life principles - is only important.

Categories: Adventure, Indie
Release Date: Jun 30, 2021

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