"THE DOOR is a unique story-puzzle with teleportation!
Travel through stunning landscapes with your confused robot friend, Cell44, and help her escape the Big Thing in the Sky."

Upon discovering and going through a secret digital door, you find yourself trapped in an alternate world together with a slightly needy, flying robot, Cell44.
Guided by the robot, you must find your way home through a series of doors and puzzles leading to the legendary exit in the sky.

But, something is amiss: The omnipresent structure floating in the sky seems aware of your presence.
What is it's intention, what is it doing here? And is there a way out of here?

You will find uniquely crafted door puzzles and classic puzzle mechanics in THE DOOR.

Trigger mechanisms are activated to unlock secrets. Perspective puzzles are solved to create objects which you must find the right purpose for. Objects are scaled and re-scaled to suit new purposes. The world and it's light is manipulated by your input, as day changes into night, and night chances into a psychedelic environment. Each new door has a unique puzzle attached to it.

Open THE DOOR to continue, and experience the beautiful world and the story unfold.

Categories: Adventure, Indie
Release Date: Aug 2, 2021

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