On her way to an outdoor live show as a performer, Melanie suddenly blacks out while on the train and finds herself in a strange new place.

1K words
One sprite
One bg
One song
Made in one week

A project originally made for O2A2 (2021) game jam... but we missed the deadline, despite having the completed project. So, rather than let it collect dust, we've decided to upload it as a solo project which follows the spirit of O2A2 (because I don't want to do any more work on this).

We hope you enjoy this short story.


Kathana-DA -
Art (Sprites and BG)
Dusk Wrangler
Adorable superhero

Dusk -
Crazy evil horse
Perpetually deprived of sleep

Nicolle Zambrano -
Melanie VA
Motivational support
Slayer of monsters

Oak Studios -
Track: Every Little Thing Music
Composed and recorded by Oak Studios Creative
Commons - Attribution ND 4.0

Special thanks to the entire DevTalk discord community for putting up with my many questions.

macOS PC
Release Date: Jul 19, 2021

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