Cruise through miles and miles of cubes, avoid obstacles, crash through barriers and collect orbs on 3 different exciting levels or see how far you can get in Marathon Mode!

In the Initial release you will be be able to play the "Cubes Fields" which includes Marathon Mode and the 3 Cube Fields levels.

Marathon Mode:
In this endless mode you will race to reach the furthest distance and collect orbs to unlock more levels in the Cube Fields.

Cube Fields:
The obstacles you will find here are mostly cubes that are bright bold colours. You will have to navigate the cube fields that are generated every time you play! Cube fields also have "Row Obstacles" that run across the full field like the "Snake" or the "Bubble".

Complete challenges in Marathon Mode or the Cube Fields to unlock more levels. Challenges will include things like reach a 5x high combo, collect 100 orbs in one run or more overall career challenges like drive 100 miles.

Orbs are the glowing balls of light you will need to collect to beat challenges and increase your combo meter.

Crash through the checkered flag barriers to beat challenges and greatly increase your combo meter.

--Near Miss--
If you drive close enough to an obstacle you will get a Near Miss bonus, this will increase your combo meter.

--Combo Meter--
Raise the combo meter to beat challenges and unlock more levels.

Vapourwave Fields:
This world will be 80's synth and Vapourwave inspired. The Vapourwave fields will be much more challenging with more elaborate obstacles and tougher challenges.

Green Fields:
This world will have rolling hills and be more relaxing than the initial levels with its own kind of challenges.

Categories: Action, Adventure, Racing
Release Date: TBD
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