Battle for victory by casting a variety of spells on your opponents each turn until there's only one mage standing. Purchase new spells between rounds using gold you've earned during the fight. Every game is different, with randomly-positioned mages, randomly-generated terrain and different spells to choose from (some of which are effected by wind). Play by yourself, with others online and computer opponents in teams or free-for-all.

Customize Your Game

  • Play with 2 to 24 mages with any combination of players and computers
  • Set your team settings: number of teams and number of people on each team or deathmatch (free-for-all)
  • Select each computer's skill, from random to accurate
  • Adjust wind settings from calm to strong
  • Choose the total number of rounds, maximum turns in each round and the length of each turn

Categories: Strategy, Casual, Indie
Release Date: Sep 30, 2021
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