This is LumberQwaxes!! A game where you join our hero Qwackeric to start a new life in a new town as the first LumberQwaxes to protect this city!! What friends or foes will we meet along the way? Find out in this side-scrolling platformer with a unique art style. You can find out more details by following me on Youtube
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Press Space to start the game and the arrow keys left and right make you move, up arrow makes you jump, space makes you attack and escape pauses the game.
Battle your way through ten stages and don't forget to eat tacos for health. You won't believe how this original story plays out so give it a try!!

Qwackeric starts his journey in the forest just outside of Qwackestonia. Chop to it and enjoy!

Categories: Action, Adventure
Linux macOS PC
Release Date: Jun 30, 2021

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