As the legendary Knight, you must engage in combat against mysterious titanic giants that have roamed and terrorized the Kingdom.

- Engage in dynamic combat against various foes.
- Explore the fully seamless open world of Kabali.
- Day and night cycle weather system.
- Fight head on!
- ... or use stealth to surprise your enemies!
- Upgrade your Knight to improve his combat skills.
- Find ways to defeat the mysterious giants before they crush you!

Knight Vs Giant is a Remake of a 2013 hack and slash action Flash game. We're remaking the game from scratch using a new engine with improved game play and graphics.

We are currently in the Alpha Phase of the development and we're scheduled to release the game on 2021
We hope you enjoy Knight Vs Giant! Thank you for your support!

Categories: Action, Indie
Release Date: TBD
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