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Holostar Command is a fast-paced shooter game that brings Classic Mid-20th Century Space Arcade Games into the 21st Century and right into your living room! Today's tech, Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Realities, with a little nostalgia tossed in to honor the games we loved from days gone by... Join Commander Wolff, her team and us on the quest to bring stability to the Cosmos. We believe that with your help, Freedom and Peace will reign in all Galaxies, in all time & in all space... Thanks for being part of the Cosmic Picture!

Commander Carole Wolff, coming from very humble beginnings, leads the team. At this point, she is extremely experienced with battle scenarios and tactics. So, all future commanders serve under Carole and learn by example before obtaining there own ship. Mutual trust and friendship is extreme. Once serving under commander Wolff, all team members come together with such camaraderie that team members have no fear and will do what it takes to honor everyone on the team to the point where death of a team member is NOT an option. No member is expendable! To date, even under extreme conditions and countless battles, not even one member of the Holostar Command team has ever been lost. Honor is of top concern!

Are you up to the challenge? If so,you are a Master Holostar, prepared to teleport through time and across Galaxies! Your Mission: To assist and replace a fallen Commander and to battle evil and to bring order to the Cosmos! The Commanders are fearless! Do you, have what it takes? The battles are fierce as the HOSTILES TAKE NO PRISONERS AND GIVE NO QUARTER!

A teleport system which causes your appearance to change to match the location, time and culture, gets you to your destination instantly! If you can stand up to the challenge of each battle in different regions of space & time, and with and against different beings, you can be a Commander of Commanders; and maybe, reach the level of the infamous Wolff!

Release Date: TBD
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