Hallway Game is an experimental Surreal-Horror experience, created as a group project (group of 4 people) in an Advanced Game Design class as DePaul University.

Within the group, my jobs for this dev process were the Creative Designer, Lead Animator, and Lead Sound Designer. Overall, things I contributed personally to the project were the idea/concepting, blueprinted designs, the level block-out, game animations, level sounds, design documentation, and assisting in fine-tuning the level coding.

Ultimately, we only had about 5 weeks total (first week was essentially only concepting) to build this game up from nothing. I came up with this idea for a simple hallway experience as a part of a brainstorming session within our group after a weekend of coming up with ideas. The goal I had in mind, thinking specifically about project scope--with the limited resources, man-power, and Time that we had--was to create an experience in surreal horror, as we were assigned, using nothing but sounds. This way, with a simple environment, we could take a lot of stress of of our teammates shoulders in terms of amounts of coding needed, as well as art assets required. At the same time though, this gave me a little extra work finding, editing, and crafting all of the sounds.

As my professor had described it, it wound up being a bit of a Russian roulette with what sound you would get whenever you interacted with a door slit, so sometimes you would become relieved, while other times you would be shocked, or made to feel uneasy with what you were hearing.

The main design pillars I focused on in created the concept were inspiring increasing feelings of uneasiness and urgency (more attention on the uneasiness though, notably).

Although there are always sounds that attract the player to doors, it is entirely at the player's digression whether or not to actually interact with them. This was intentional, because we didn't want the player to feel forced into being uncomfortable. They can simply walk to the end of the hallway and initiate the end sequence if they so choose to.

Bottom line, although some of the coding assets weren't finalized as completely as we would've liked them to be in the time we had, he hit on every one of our major design goals from the beginning of the project. So overall, the process was a success. The communication between team members was fantastic, and there was always a focus on not overwhelming one single person with amounts of work. Essentially, the pacing was intentionally managed by myself and the teammate in charge of production management to allow for a comfortable work environment, which was nice. :)

Obviously this was created in only 4-5 weeks, so take it with a grain of salt. The UI is bleh. But hopefully you'll enjoy it. Also, as always, any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.  email is [email protected]

Simply download the zip file and open the .exe to play


Release Date: Jul 19, 2021

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