Colonize Mars and help your settlement to survive on the Red Planet!

The Farlanders is a turn-based strategy game in which you have to build and manage a colony on Mars. Use specialized tools to terraform the planet, build residential areas, create resource producing factories, and don’t forget to have entertainment centers for your citizens. At the end of the day, their happiness is paramount!

Perfect your skills and optimize the creation of your colony using terraforming tools. Incorrect usage might lead to devastating results.

Main Features:

Puzzle-like terraforming system
Use a turn to select one “terraforming kit” to shape the landscape and get it ready for your colony. Place a water drop title in a canyon to create a water source and any flat land around it will become fertile soil. Raise canyons to create flatland so that it can become fertile soil or be built on. Raise mountains so that turbines can be placed near by to create electricity.

The only catch is your terraforming kits are preset in various shapes. A kit might have two water drop tiles and one that lower the terrain. This might give you water in one spot and a canyon where you wanted to build. The player must carefully place tiles to mitigate any downsides.

Create the habitat for your settlers by placing necessary buildings for their survival, like farms, water pumps, wind turbines, and more. Build factories to supply your colony and have entertainment centers to keep your colony the premiere place to live.

Collect and research Artifacts by destroying mountains or melting ice. These little treasures might help you improve your colony if you choose.

Compete with other players
Create the most efficient colony on Mars and show off your score. The leaderboard is updated on a daily basis and you will get a chance to place your name on a top of that list! But can you stay there?

Procedural map generation
Each new game will feel completely different with procedural map generation, yet still customizable to meet your desired level of challenge.

Customized Maps
Want a little more control over the maps? Customize the Red planet the way you want. Add more water or remove it completely, add more hills to produce more energy using wind turbines or if you like the solar panels more, decrease the frequency of hills appearing on the map.

Trade with other colonies in order to ensure the success of your mission on Mars.

Release Date: Jun 15, 2021

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