A forsaken rogue must find freedom through retrieving seven legendary stones. Explore a hostile land, with deadly underground passages, unforgiving forests, caves full of gold and more. Use potions, bombs and arrows to fight dozens of enemies, seek hidden dungeons and defeat powerful bosses.

Open World

Travel through the land unrestricted, as you search for the hidden dungeons - they can be approached in any order. The network of teleportation crystals that occasionally mark the land will allow you to save your tiring feet, or provide respite should you get lost in the vast Everglade Forest.

Power Mechanic

Before setting foot in one of these perilous dungeons, be sure to purchase enough supplies and take heed that you have enough power to enter. This is gained by defeating the many foes that roam the land, and stronger enemies will give more power. Upon returning a stone, the land will return anew, and you will find not only more gold, but require more enemies to slay.

Deadly Boss Combat

Uncover the home of these Guardians and slay them. The world will move with you; as you grow in strength, so will the Guardians.


Purchase supplies, items and maps to aid you in your journey, or increase your stats such as health, as you retrieve stones.

Categories: Action, Adventure, RPG, Casual, Indie
Release Date: Jun 17, 2021

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