Cheese Rush is a First Person cheese mining game. This game was made as part of the UoP Gamejam 2021. 

The year is 2022, Earth has finally run out of cheese and a select few individuals have been sent to other planets to mine cheese and return home safely. Your mission has gone wrong and you had to crash land in an escape pod. Luckily there's a working ship not too far from you, but don't even think about trying to take off without filling it with delicious cheese. Fight off the aliens and save earths cheese!

How to play:

Arrow Keys - Move
Shift - Sprint
Spacebar - Jump
E - Mine Cheese/ Deposit Cheese

Special Thanks:

Carlo Gregorio - Voice Actor
Beth White - Needed a win/ Big help
Luis Venceslau - A nice lad

Categories: Action
Release Date: Jun 17, 2021

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