What is Buck Borris in action?
You and Buck Borris and you have the objective of surviving a single night, but for that you will have to defeat all your enemies, to help you will have 3 special abilities, abilities are activated when your adrenaline level goes up, so you ask me how i increase my adrenaline, simple you will have to attack your enemies. One last thing if you die, you can buy upgrades for your skills from the merchant by paying with the iron collected in the previous battle.

Buck Borris and his skills
Use all your skills to survive all the waves

Tele port

Super Punch

Hand radius

Buck Borris and more

  • Better your skills in the merchant
  • Kill all 3 different types of enemies
  • 1 boss on the last wave
  • collect iron to improve your skills
  • simple but beautiful graphics

Categories: Action, Indie
Release Date: Jun 17, 2021

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