Amneron's Legacy is a classic style RPG PC game that takes place on a world called Ellis. Heroes must come together to save the realm from darkness while uncovering what happened to the heroes of old.

Playtime for the demo is about 1-3 hour(s). (3 side quests)

Playtime of the game is about 20-25 hours.

Please report any bugs or errors!

Project is designed for win7 and win10 users. (for now)

Most recent version uploaded v.108 (05-28-2021)


-Immersive story driven world

-Classic ATB combat with powerful dual skills

-Embark on exciting side quests that bring characters closer together

-Explore cities and dungeons with a rewarding outcome

-Several specializations to unlock with multiple unique skills to customize your hero

-Hundreds of unique equipment combinations and attachments for each

Categories: RPG
Release Date: Jun 30, 2021

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