Almazy is our take on a classic genre that was introduced by a series of Boulder Dash® games and was followed by multiple sequels, re-releases and other games such as Repton and direct clones such as Emerald Mine.

You are a diamond collector in a world full of enemies and sophisticated combinations of caves and boulders. Conceptually it is a mix of good old arcade mechanics and puzzles that are not too mind-twisting yet interesting enough to solve in an environment full of unexpected enemies and obstacles.

This release features 100 hand-crafted levels that should please the mature fans of the genre and those who might be just starting their journey in the 2d arcade puzzle genre.

  • 100 all-new hand-crafted levels.
  • Game controller/joystick support.

Categories: Action, Casual, Indie
Linux macOS PC
Release Date: Sep 30, 2021
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